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Brand Guidelines Template for Powerpoint & Google Slide

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Finally, Professional Brand Guidelines template for Powerpoint and google slide

These Brand Guidelines Templates are stupid and easy to use. All you need to do is open the file, Change the logo and colors representing the brand you’re working for, then save the Template as a PDF for digital use or Print. and done! we’ve done all the hard work for you.

Congratulation you’re ready to go.

Powerpoint and google slide? You're Going to Love This

The only problem is until now the Majority of offered brand guidelines do not include an accurate description of the brand elements, they just lorem ipsum text.

This brand guide has all the characteristics to succeed with your clients or your brand. it has a real description and We have used it with multiple clients and it worked perfectly.

We always design with detail, we carefully choose typefaces, styles, and color palettes. The result is a beautifully crafted template that can enhance your brand's visuals.

We’ve charged our clients more than $6000 for style guides using these brand style sections in our branding agency! that's why we sharing that with you!


- Powerpoint PPTX File

- Google slides PPTX

- 16: 9 Aspect Ratio

- 44 Animated unique slides

- 9 detailed sections

- Many Variations of Layout and Text

- High-res 1920x1080 Pixel (Full HD)

- Made with Slidemaster ( Just Drag & Drop your Image )

- Easy to Customize and Fully Editable

- Free Font Used ( link on Help & Instruction pdf)


- Introduction:

About, Mission/ Vision/ Our values

- Our Logo: Logo Usage/ Logo on dark Background/ The Icon/ Wordmark /Clear Space /Minimum size / Placement/ Partner & Sponsors/ Unacceptable Use

- Brand Color: Primary colors / Brand Color Palette/ Secondary Color Palette

- Typography: Primary Typeface / Secondary Typeface / Use of Type

- Photographic Photography style

- Iconography: Iconography style

- Patterns: Our Patterns

- Band In use: Phone / Ipad / Web desktop / Business card/ Envelope / Folder / Letterhead

Read our article here about What Do Brand Guidelines Include:

Note: All images on the demo is just for preview purpose only and not actually included in the files

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Brand Guidelines Template for Powerpoint & Google Slide

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