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Blue | Brand Guidelines Template

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Save your time with Blue | Brand Guidelines Template ready-to-use template that works perfectly in Adobe Indesign and Adobe Illustrator. All you need to do is open the file, Change the logo and colors representing the brand you’re working for, then save the Template as a PDF. and done! we’ve done all the hard work for you. Congratulation!

Here's What our CEO said

“After years of working with different clients over the years and making mistakes along the way, I have since become a student of systems and processes. I’m about to share a secret formula that works great for my company. I’ve charged my clients more than $6000 for style guides using these brand style sections! that's why I'm sharing that with you!

What's includes:

  • 54 pages

Adobe InDesign CS4, CS5, CS6 and CC

  • INDD and IDML
  • Size Landscape Orientation ( 1920x1080 )
  • Bonus : 2 Vertical Sizes: A4 ( 210 x 297 mm ) and Us Letter (215.9 x 279.4 mm)

Adobe Illustrator CS4, CS5, CS6 and CC above

  • AI and EPS
  • Sizes: Landscape Orientation ( 1920x1080 )

File size: 300 MB

Layered Layout:

  • We create this template based on 12 Columns. This grid is used to organize space and information for the reader and the secret to any good brand guidelines book is the way its visual elements are organized and positioned in relation to each other.


  • We have built Blue based on 11 sections with highly detailed informations.


  • We have created a Free ready to use the mockup in Photoshop just put your design and enjoy


What makes these templates different than other brand guidelines templates?

  • You may find brand guidelines on market place like a graphic river for $12 or CreativeMarket for $22. But the Majority of offered brand guides do not include a real description of the brand elements and touchpoints, they just lorem ipsum word. they may have some clear description but most often than not the design and layout are not up to par. Blue Brand Guidelines Template has all the characteristics to succeed with your clients or your brand. We have used it with multiple clients and it worked perfectly.

Do the templates include the fonts?

  • Yes, The template uses free fonts included inside the download.

Is this template challenging to use?

  • The template is not difficult to apply to your work. You only need to download then install the fonts and read the PDF guide. One of our objectives in making these templates was to make a stupid simple just open and edit.
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Blue | Brand Guidelines Template

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